Remsen Arts Center 2021 Announcement

The Remsen Arts Center remains closed for live performances until further notice.

May 10, 2021

Dear Member or Potential Member,

We were hoping to have a lineup of great entertainment when our annual newsletter was mailed this year. Unfortunately, because
of all the guidelines still in place and for safety reasons it’s not possible just yet. With COVID cases declining and vaccines increasing hopefully each week will bring more possibilities for events.

At the present time the Remsen Arts Center is negotiating with the Remsen Depot to host a summer outdoor concert, weather permitting. RPVAC is optimistic we can present our annual Christmas in the Village Weekend the first weekend of December. We are all in need of some good entertainment together again.

Even though we were unable to have live concerts in 2020 the arts center did offer 7 virtual concerts. The concerts included Melissa Grace Clark, D’Funk’D, Chesapeake Chamber Group, Dan Evans, Rustic Riders, Dominic Fiacco and Ryan Quinn. These artists can still be viewed at our website.

Thanks to your support last year we were able to have the long time leak in the kitchen roof repaired. Several previous attempts were made to fix the problem but none held up to the rain and snow. Last summer Rieben’s Roofing made the extensive repair and “so far so good.” Because of your generosity we also filled our oil tank before prices started rising. Now, if we can only get back to the fun things!

Another plus was the arts center was able to offer their large concert room to organizations and boards in need of a bigger meeting room in order to social distance. Our facility is also available this year if needed.

Once again, thank you for your past support. It is truly appreciated.


Peter Billard, President

Peter Rashford, Vice President
Susan Bartholomew, Treasurer
Patricia Hill, Secretary

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