Harmony Katz in Concert

Saturday May 5th at 7pm The Harmony Katz perform on our stage, Syracuse’s own barbershop chorus, is comprised of over fifty men from all walks of life who love to sing and through their singing give back to their community. If you visit us at a practice, you will find that we are men of good character who enjoy life, have fun, and when you get to know us better you might think we really are characters! The Harmony Katz believe that singing enriches our lives, that of our families and the community we reside in. Harmony Katz is a fraternal organization, a brotherhood of barbershoppers joined together in four-part harmony.

The Harmony Katz sing a wide variety of songs from 1890 through 1990, Ballads, Barbershop, Beatles, Broadway, and Disney! Their goal for each performance is to “sing memeries to life” as only music can transport the human listener in time and bring happiness and joy to each and every heart.

More info at www.harmonykatz.com.

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