The Chesapeake Chamber Group

Saturday August 17, 2019 @ 7:30pm. The Chesapeake Chamber Group in concert. General Admission $10, Members $8, Students $5.

Featured Performers:

Matthew White, clarinet

Craig Vandewater, bassoon

Darlene Vandewater, oboe

Mary Ratcliffe, piano


Sea Quartet (2009) Jenni Brandon

playful waves – a watery waltz – and swimming from the depths – gentle pulse of the wave – moonlight – a gentle break in the waves – a wild, frothy frenzy

Ballade for a Ceremony (2000) Eric Ewazen

Concert Champetre (1938) Henri Tomasi

1. Ouverture
2. Minuetto
3. Bourrèe
4. Nocturne
5. Tambourin

Three Bagatelles (1955) Alexei Haieff

1. Allegro
2. Andantino
3. Vivace


Sonata (1962) Francis Poulenc

1. Allegro tristamente
2. Romanza
3. Allegro con fuoco

Suite (1954) Alexandre Tansman

1. Dialogue
2. Scherzino
3. Aria
4. Finale

Fusion Music (2002) Lukas Hurnik
in three movements

About The Chesapeake Chamber Group

Mary Ratcliffe has played piano since childhood. After completing an undergraduate major in music at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, she studied musicology at the University of Michigan, and worked at the UM public radio station. She began a career teaching in public schools, primarily as a science teacher. During this time she continued to work as a collaborative pianist, playing for students and professionals in auditions, recitals, and pit orchestras of musicals. Since her retirement, she has devoted herself to chamber music, performing with the Chesapeake Chamber Group and the Dorsey Hall Trio, as well as other musicians. Her teachers have included Elaine St. Vincent, Don Boyd, and Amy Klosterman. She is thrilled to have had opportunities to perform in masterclasses for Anne Koscielny, Michael Tree of the Guarneri Quartet, the Eroica Trio, and the piano/cello duo of Wu Han and David Finckel.

Darlene Vandewater has been an oboist since grade school, and studied for a degree in Music Education at Towson University. Her oboe teachers included Paul Covey, Lloyd Shorter and Leslie Starr. Darlene was a member of the Graceful Occasions wind trio and has performed in the Susquehanna Symphony, the Newark Symphony and the Immaculata Symphony. She has been honored to perform with Baltimore Symphony members in a chamber group for a Baltimore Symphony board meeting, and in a woodwind quintet at the Meyerhoff with BSO members. She performs in pit orchestras for musicals and operas and in small ensembles, solos at area churches and other freelance work. Darlene teaches oboe privately.

Matt White is a graduate of the Ithaca College School of Music, and has studied with Stanley Hasty, Robert Marcellus, and Richard MacDowell. A programmer by day, Matt performs with several chamber groups including Kuro Winds, the CSMA clarinet ensemble, and the Chesapeake Chamber Group. Other groups that Matt has played in are the Chicago Lyric Opera and the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra.

Craig Vandewater studied at SUNY Stony Brook and Yale with Arthur Weisberg, his principal teacher. He completed his doctorate at Stony Brook and has taught at the University of Texas (El Paso), the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and the Ross School of East Hampton. He was the solo bassoonist of the Peconic Chamber Orchestra and the North Shore Pro Musica of Long Island. He was also a member of the Lancaster Festival Orchestra, the El Paso Symphony, and the Symphony of Long Island, and has performed with the Glens Falls Symphony. He was the bassoon coach at Vermont Music & Arts Center for 12 years, and at Summertrios Chamber Music Workshop in Pennsylvania for 14 years. Craig also instructs privately.