Jeff Gorman presents the Old Eagle’s Harmonious Old School Bear Claw Medicine Show Revue

Saturday June 1, 2019 7:30-9:30pm  Jeff Gorman presents the Old Eagle’s Harmonious Old School Bear Claw Medicine Show Revue.

Who is the Old Eagle?
Answer: Jeff Gorman – 70 years young-old hippy who played music around the country from the mid-60s to the mid-80s until the lifestyle almost killed him. His music career had taken him from CNY to the west coast to AK and back down to FL with many other stops along the way – mostly as a solo act called “One for the Show” booked either on his own or by a couple agents in WA and FL and a few notable exceptions that he worked with other musicians.
Three years in Fox Alaska with Paul Helmer and Mike Funes as the Fox Trio early 70s – a year or so in CNY with Dave Stedman booked as” Two for the Money” mid-70s and another year in CNY late 70’s with Bruce Bowen booked as “Illusion”.
He gave it up in 1986 finally got sober in 1991 and a few years later went into trucking with Swift became an owner operator early on – moved to Phoenix AZ and in 2008 when the bubble burst sold his truck and came home to CNY where he finished his career with 10 years at Oneida Nation Enterprises – mostly at Oneida Sky Native American Gallery.
On October 12, 2019 he met with his old partner Bruce at an Open Mic eventually agreed to sing a couple songs and the following day bought a relatively serious acoustic guitar and began rebuilding his repertoire hopeful he might get to at least half or more of the 500 or so tunes that once resided in his head awaiting a request.
What is the Medicine Show?
Answer: The concept of the medicine show is simple. Music makes people happy even when it’s sad. It’s a powerful force that has physical effects at times. I am fighting Parkinson’s Disease and music and this show are a big part of my arsenal to slow or perhaps even stop the progression of PD. It is my hope that there may be some others in the audience who gain some insight and healing as well.
As for the Eagle and the bear claws significance, I bring those along from my years getting to know them while working at the gallery. The Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead and is one of man’s connections to the divine for it flies higher than any other bird. Bear claw often symbolizes protection and the bear represents one of the most powerful healers in the spiritual significance of many Native tribes.
What will we hear at the Medicine Show Revue:
Answer: A marvelous mishmash of music, stories, and more as the Old Eagle dons numerous hats and delves into several decades of Classic and Outlaw country, Folk, Rocking Oldies, Talking blues, heartfelt ballads, story songs, comedy, and perhaps a surprise or three along the way.

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